Covid 19: We take care of you

covid 19

We take care of you

Hygiene and cleanliness have always been decisive aspects of our service in Salvadonica, now more than ever we are committed to obtaining maximum safety and prevention, these are some of the precautions that we implement in our facility:


  • The rooms are constantly ventilated.
  • Sanitizing gel dispensers available at the entrance / exit of the resort, in the common areas and at the entrance of the toilets, the restaurant and the breakfast room.
  • Cleaning, cleansing and sanitizing of toilets in common areas several times a day.
  • Cleaning, cleansing and sanitizing of common areas several times a day, at regular intervals.
  • Information in the common areas regarding communications for guests regarding the correct behaviors to be followed with regard to prevention and safety.
  • Sanitization of all the most contact surfaces several times a day (Reception Desk, room keys, buttons, handles, switches, handrails).
  • In common areas it is mandatory to respect the minimum distance of 1 meter, unless they are members of the same family or who stay in the same room.
  • Guests must always wear masks in the common areas.
  • All staff are equipped with masks.
  • Staff with self-certification declaring daily absence of body temperature above 37.5 degrees.
  • In order to limit contact with staff and guests, external suppliers of goods and services have dedicated access and self-certification will be required in which they declare absence of body temperature above 37.5 degrees and use of PPE such as gloves and masks.
  • Safe check in & check out.


  • At the end of each table service, all the usual cleaning and sanitizing measures are provided.
  • The tables in the breakfast and restaurant rooms are located to guarantee the minimum distance of 1 m. among guests unless they are joined or share the same room.
  • Tablecloth treated with thermal (60 ° – 90 °) and chemical sanitisation processes based on chlorine or hydrogen peroxide.
  • The menu can only be consulted via the app, opentable and disposable paper menu.


  •  Sanitization of the rooms at each departure to ensure the next guest a sanitized and safe environment.
  • Linen treated with thermal sanitation (60° – 90°) and chemicals based on chlorine or hydrogen peroxide.
  • Ironing procedure of bed linen and towels carried out at high temperature followed by fully automated packaging according to the sanitary protocol.
  • Room key sanitized at each change.


  • The spaces have been organized by arranging the beds so as to guarantee the distance, except for the joint ones.
  • The sunbeds are sanitized every day.